Fifty Seven riders signed up for Mendip Vale's Phoenix Trail at East Horrington in Somerset on Sunday, the third round of the Wessex Centre Championship and the second organised by the Club.


Rain was forecast on Saturday evening and the Wild Garlic was in full force, so the Club made due allowance marking out the twelve sections, to be lapped three times.


Despite a balmy start, rain arrived late morning, turning the sections into a testing challenge for riders and the Observers at their posts. Despite all the this, there were only a handful of retirements, which the Club was relieved to see !.


In the Expert Class, current Championship leader, Kurt Brain, who enjoys a lark in the mud, headed home a healthy entry of ten Experts, with the SW's Ben Lovelace second and Southern Centre visitor Brian Francis third.


In The Clubman/Expert Class Tony Hewitt hung on to finish just in front of the Centre's Jon Bees and Youth B rider, Oli Gundry, showing the Adults how to do it on his 125 Beta, in third.

In the Clubman Class, Club Official and these days, occasion rider, Tom Pike, was also enjoying the conditions, with a storming ride, heading home the “old master”, Richard Elliot, with Stuart Thatcher third.


In the Sportman Class, Bob Hill on his Suzuki Twinshock. Showed the “youngsters” how to do it, with Bob Jefferies, giving the TRS a bit of an airing, in second and  J. Culliford  in third.


The Club also includes a 50/50 Sportsman Plus Class, although it is not included the Championship, where Cory Harris led home Simon Legg and Shaun Donaghy.


The Club wishes to thank the Land Owner, for the long standing and ongoing use of the Combe the Riders for their support and the Observers for enduring the inclement weather and still managing to keep the scores!

Thanks for all those that supported us and surprisingly very few retirements, despite the awful "summer" weather !. Particular thanks to all the Observers who volunteered to stand out in those conditions as well !. We're taking the Summer off now, so hopefully see you at our next Trial in October. Results are here


With the Traders Trial done and dusted - well it didn't rain !, entries for Mendip Vale's next Trial, on 15 May -  the Phoenix, are available on-line, on the ACU web site. The event is the next round of Wessex Centre Championship, so all Championship Classes catered for. There will also be an additional Sportsman Plus (50/50) route, if preferred, but this in not eligible for Championship points.

Entries close on 8 May, with a minimum of 30 (for the Event to run) and a maximum of 90.


The Course is entirely off-road at Washingpool Farm, East Horrington, Somerset. 


Start time 10:30 and signposted on the B3139 minor road between Wells and the A37/A367 junction near Shepton Mallet. 


If you are able to provide an Observer (payment available), please tick the box on the Entry Form.


Results for Mendip Vale's Trial yesterday, now posted here. Hope you all had a good day as the weather help up and thanks to all the Observers who had a longer than we expected time on duty.


We are back and so is the Wessex Centre Championship !. 

Mendip Vale Traders Trophy entries are now available on line on the ACU Events site. Entry Limit - 90. Closing date - 30 March, or when full.

The Traders is the second round of the Wessex Centre Championship, (Kingswood running the first round on 27 February).

Classes are as per the Regs on the ACU site, but PLEASE NOTE - those riding in the Sportsman Class will need to enter as Sportsman +, if you wish to be eligible for Championship points.


This means the Standard Sportsman route will be as our normal Club Trials, which many of you have supported us on and enjoyed of late, which means more of the same, but running alongside the Championship Classes. 


Again we  have been fortunate enough to be able to use our excellent venue at Chewton Mendip, but we do have to run on a SATURDAY !. 


The course will be entirely off road and cater for Expert, and Youth Expert, Clubman Expert, Clubman, Over 40, Youth A, Novice, Over 50, Youth B, Twin Shock A and B and P65. The Clubman Expert and Sportsman + Course will be 50/50.

We need sufficient Observers to help us cover 15 Sections, (payment is available), so if you are able to bring an Observer, please let Andy Leahy, our Secretary know. 


Again PLEASE NOTE, there is NO PARKING at the Sections, which are a short walk from the start, at the Waldegrave Estates Office Car Park. Signposted from A39/Cheddar Road junction on the A39 at Chewton Mendip. Start time 1.30.

Enter here


Here's the finalised rider list for Mendip Vale's Trial this Sunday at Churchill, with some important points to note please.

We have full permission to use the Woods, but the lane is a "sensitive issue" for the Residents, so please -

Share Transport, if you can, to reduce the congestion.

Park as tight as possible.

Leave room on the lane for Vehicles (possibly Tractors) to pass.

Don't block Entrances or Turning points.

Stop your engines for Horses and Walkers.

If approached by any locals, please refer them to us at the Signing On van.

Thanks for your support.


I have uploaded the file for the list of riders here for Mendip Vale's Trial on 23 January. Please check your details are correct. Any queries contact the Secretary - Andy Leahy. Please note the Entries are FULL. Thanks for the support and see you on the day.


Results are now up here from the Castlehead yesterday. Thanks for all those that supported us - riders and Observers and hope you enjoyed the day, despite the murky weather. 

Our next Trial is on 23/1/22, at Churchill, Somerset. On line here but limited to 60, due to parking restrictions. Have a good Christmas and NY.


If You've entered the Trial on Sunday at Binegar, Don't forget it now STARTS AT 10:00AM NOT 10:30!!! Don't be late!


Hi Folks - STOP PRESS - we're not used to this in Mendip Vale land !, but due to the number received and with the short days in mind we've had to close the Entries for our Castlehead Trial at Binegar on 19 December, with none accepted on the day either. Thankyou for the "overwhelming" support. We are also able to offer on a first come, first served basis, payment to anyone who would like to volunteer to Observe. Please contact Andy Leahy on 01275 878220, if you are. Thanks. Please see the file of the Entry List for the Mendip Vale Trial on 19/12/21. Please check the details for your Entry are correct. Any queries please PM or call Andy Leahy - 01275 878 220. (Not me!). Thanks.

ALSO - PLEASE NOTE - The Trial will now start at 10.00, not 10.30, so don't be late!


Hi Folks - we have the minimum 30 entries for Mendip Vale's Castlehead Club Trial  on 19 December, 10.30, at Binegar Quarry (BA3 4TJ), so it's - go !. Enter by 12 December (no maximum limit), for the "on-line" discount !. £5 surcharge after that and on the day. We have previously run the Turkey Trial,  on this date, but not this year, so this will be our "standard" Club Trial, with all Classes catered for, include Sportsman Plus and Twinshock.

Online Entry here or entry form here


Hi Folks - results from yesterday's Mendip Vale Trial. Thank you all for your support. We managed to beat the weather - just.


 We hope you enjoyed the day and well done on the Car Parking - it was an impressive site, walking back down the lane to the start. Fortunately we saw the Farmer, whose Field we going to park in - good job we didn't - on Saturday and when he found out we were using the lane, came back and cut the hedge - can't be better than that, can it !!.

 Results are here

Entries are now available on line for Mendip Vale's Castlehead Club Trial  on 19 December, at Binegar Quarry. We need a minimum of 30 Entries by 12 December to determine if we can go ahead, but no maximum limit, so enter before then for the "on-line" discount !. £5 surcharge after that and on the day. We have previously run the Turkey Trial,  on this date, but not this year, so this will be our "standard" Club Trial, with all Classes catered for, include Sportsman Plus and Twinshock. Online Entry here or entry form here


Hi Folks - just a note about parking for Mendip Vale's Trial on Sunday, as we have to use the lane - with all this rain the Field, if available, would have been a no go anyway !  - some may recall the fun and games when we used it in the wet a couple of years ago !.

We'll need to keep the Parking tidy to fit everyone in and not block the lane, so can you drive down until you see a couple of us, who will direct you to a space, as we will have checked that part of the Verge is wide enough and good to park on, rather than stop at the first spot you fancy !. Thanks in advance.


With the parking field not in use this year at Crox's and the parking in the lane tight we've had to close the entries. Here is the full list of entries. Hope to see everyone at our next event.


Entries for the Brockley Cup on 24th October are quickly filling up! Be sure to get yours! Here is a list of entries so far.


Summer is done and dusted, so we are on the case for our  first Trial coming up  on 24 October with the Brockley Cup Trial at Crox's Bottom, Chilcompton.


As this is a Club event, the format will be the preferred mix of sections, with separate routes for Expert, Clubman and Novice and another 50/50 combination for Clubman Expert, along with Sportsman and Sportsman Plus, so there will be plenty to choose from for all abilities. Youth A & B Classes are also catered along with Twin Shocks. 


All in all, five routes, all off road and "stop" allowed.


The venue will be signed from the junction of the A37/B3139, north of Shepton Mallet. BA3 4JF. Start time 10:30.


Entries are on line with a closing date of 17 October, as we need to be sure of a minimum of 30 Entries for the Trial to run.


Entry fee us a bargain £15, up to the closing date and £20 thereafter.


We have also obtained an adjacent Field for Car Parking, so no need to park in the lane.

Grab an entry online here, entry form is here 


A healthy sixty nine competitors lined up for the Mendip Vale Traders Trial at their excellent Chewton Mendip, Somerset venue, courtesy of the Waldegrave Estate Office, who have supported the running of the Event for the last four years (excluding last year of course).


The event normally runs as a round of the Wessex Centre Championship, but with that on hold this year, five routes were available, run as a Club Trial.


South West visitor, Ben Lovelace kept his cool, to pip current Wessex Centre Champion, Lee Hassell, by just one mark on the Expert course, with Gareth Talbot, brother of BVM Moto's, Craig, third.


On the Clubman Expert Route, former Wessex Champion and now usually once a year rider - just the SSDT !, Scott Cameron, on a nicely restored 240 Fantic, headed the entry home. Ty Kellett, trying a Trial for a change, was not far behind, with Kev Nicholas, another former Championship contender third.

The Clubman route was headed up by another SW visitor, Lee Wiggins and near neighbour Jason Attwell, second on his Twinshock Honda. With Mendip Vale's, Tom Pike, part of the  Club Course plotting team, having a good ride to take third from Mark Talbot.


Stuart Thatcher - wanting a warm up return, led  the Sportsman Class, with Andy Blacker putting his Whitehawk into second spot, ahead of the much travelled Dai Clothier, running in his new TRS.


A mid event shower made things "interesting" for the second lap, for most, but the going quickly recovered when the sun returned.

With only a handful of retirements, some mechanical and plenty of compliments from the riders, this was a welcome return to the sport.

Results are here


Winner of Traders Cup Trial 2021 Ben Lovelace

Photo Courtesy of Linda Ashford

Contact: Andy Leahy Tel: 01275 878220 Tom Pike E-mail: