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After some brilliant on track riding - rock on Tommy and Peco !, time for some sedate Trials !. Mendip Vale are on the case with the Castlehead Club Trial on 17 December, 10.30, at Binegar Quarry (BA3 4TJ). Enter by 15 December (ACU Sport80), for the "on-line" discount !. £5 surcharge after that and on the day. This will be a "standard" Club Trial, with all Classes catered for, including Sportsman Plus and Twinshock. Day membership included. No minimum numbers required, so the Trial will go ahead - unless we're all snowed in of course!. Payment available to Observers, so if you can supply an Observer, PM me please.. Hope to see you there in the "run down" to Christmas. Enter here


Results for Mendip Vale's Brockley Cup now posted here. Thanks to all those who supported us. Hope you all had a good day. The weather and the conditions made it just right. Thankyou as well, to the Observers for the always excellent support, which meant all twelve sections were covered.


Results for Mendip Vale's Phoenix Trial on 23 April now posted here. Thanks for all your support and the Observers for a sterling job as usual, with all Sections covered.

Now the dust (mud !) has settled after Mendip Vale's Phoenix Trial, it's on to the next one on the 4 June at Croxbottom, Chilcompton, Somerset .BA3 4RZ. This a Club Trial, so all Classes catered for, including Twin Shock and Sportsman Plus. Day Membership included in the Entry fee, if required. Due to Parking restrictions we need to limit the Entry to 70, with a Closing Date of 2 June and NO Entries on the day. Enter here


Results from Mendip Vale's Traders Trial Saturday, now uploaded here.

Hope you all had a good day, even if the going in between was a bit "sticky" in places.

Thanks to all all Observers for volunteering and doing a great job on three laps of 15.

A reminder that Mendip Vale's next Trial - the Phoenix Club Trial is on 23 April and Entries on-line here

As this is a Club Trial, there will be the Standard list of Classes plus our additional Sportsman Plus (50/50) and Twinshock. Five Classes and Five Routes in all, to choose from.

Entries close on 21 April, with Entries accepted on the day, at a Surcharge, subject to a overall maximum limit.

The Course is entirely off-road at Washingpool Farm, Chilcote, near East Horrington, Somerset. BA5 3DX.

Start time 10:30 and signposted on the B3139 minor road between Wells and the A37/A367 junction near Shepton Mallet.

If you are able to provide an Observer (payment is available, if required), please let Andy Leahy or me know. Thanks.


Winner of Traders Cup Trial 2021 Ben Lovelace

Photo Courtesy of Linda Ashford

Contact: Andy Leahy Tel: 01275 878220 Tom Pike E-mail:

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